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You worth a lot but you are what you think

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Everyone has their own value and each stands out from the others. We are all different from each other. To reject difference is to exclude oneself from this world. Why we value some people more than we do and why we denigrate ourselves. In fact, the principle is simple: everyone is valuable but everything depends on themselves.

We are very valuable

At birth, everyone is endowed with a set of assets. As they say: we are all born free and equal. Certainly we are born different in different social classes, under different conditions too. Others are born with two arms, others with only one arm, others without. But it is not at least not going to denigrate our value or put us above someone in terms of self-esteem.

According to Alfred Adler, one of the three giants of psychology at the beginning of the 20th century alongside Freud and Jung, « the important thing is not what we were given at birth, but how we use this baggage ».

A person should not be considered less valuable because he or she was born into a modest family, or on the contrary valued because he or she comes from a wealthy family. Everyone has their own baggage, but it is the use that counts. Physical, social and even financial differences should not intimidate or complicate us with others. Our value will never be limited to our size or even our morphology or our financial capacity. Yet it is limited by our own mind.

You worth a lot cc : Pixabay

Our value is defined by our mind

Normally, we are all brave, very brave even. Without knowing it, the biggest barrier is ourselves, either our way of thinking or our vision or our mind too negative. The esteem of our value can never exceed what we think in our heads. When we propose a salary claim, when we refrain from applying for a position. When we do not value our assets, our skills, our physique we limit our value which is infinite. You are beginning to win thanks to your state of mind. Never minimize what you think of yourself! This is very important.

Tsanta Chichi TTS

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