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Our rights are not just for a day

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International Women’s Day was celebrated last week. This is the day when we support women the most, where we listen to their opinions. Every year, it has always been like that, once a year, we talk about women’s rights. Yes, we talk about it, but some questions arise. Are these rights applied? If so, for what duration: one day a year or during all the year?

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March 08 … a memorable day for all women

This day is very important for any woman. In my opinion, it reminds us and makes us understand that apart from our heavy responsibilities, we also have rights. On International Women’s Day, most of the speeches state that « vehivavy mahery » will never be considered as « fanaka malemy« .

However, each year, the story is repeated, the situation remains the same. The numbers, to understand sexual harassment at work, are still quite high. Namely, almost 20% of women are victims of harassment during their working life.

We also talked about equality and freedom of opinion last Friday. Yet statistics show that freedom of expression does not last all year for women. More than 95% of women reporting harassment lose their jobs.

We want our rights, not flowers …

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Among all the inscriptions of the placards that I read, these words are for me the best. Throughout the year, women’s rights are most often neglected, transgressed. World Women’s Day is the right moment to awaken and create ambitions. Unfortunately, these ambitions have hardly had a future so far.

The following day, harassment at work begins again, the inequalities of wages remain. Instead of the rights mentioned on March 8, we receive flowers, and we should be satisfied? No ! It’s time for change! It is high time that throughout the year, we fully enjoy our rights.


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