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The Usaid helps Madagascar to face to the plague epidemic

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« The plague is spreading in many regions of Madagascar. The state isn’t able to fight against that disease untill now. In front of that, the Usaid offers help through the US Embassy. »

The Usaid offers help

Until now, the plague’s spread is uncontrollable. The number of the victims of that disease is increasing over and over. According to the last number, 31 news cases are coming to light in Antananarivo, yesterday 11st October 2017. The health ministry called them colleagues to support them about the battle against that disease since the 10th October.

The US Embassy was present next to all the other oartners in the fight against the plague in Madagascar.
cc:US Embassy

The Usaid decided to give some help for supporting the Malagasy governement.
They used the team of the health activities organizer that the Usaid has put in 15 regions to stenghthen against the spread of the disease from its origin, like to incite the society, to approach the sick persons and to take part to the cleanness precaution and to watch over, according the news from the embassy.

Equipment giving

Violette Kakyomya, from the WHO, and Robert Yamate from the US Embassy of Madagascar.
cc: US Embassy

October and November month is the time of the plague. It’s the fact to not go to the emergency when the symptoms appear which let it spread. But we can fight that disease, and we can too heal it. To help the sick persons, the Usaid have given 10 cars, 4 to incite the Malagasy people and for keeping the differents equipments. There was also the offer of 230 000 sanitary glove and 100 000 hiding-mouth. To carry out the project, there zas the technical support from the CDC or Center for Disease Control of the USAID. Many teams coming from the CDC came to work with the WHO to control the epidemic. The WHO, the UNICEF and others national groups work together for watching over and carring out the project that the Usaid supported for the American embassy. Many states are worrying about the spread of the disease in Madagascar. The tourism is very weak because of this disease. But the only solution is the cleanness. Everyone is responsible.

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Ony Ranaivoson

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