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We don’t want toys for Christmas!

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« We don’t want toys for Christmas! » This is the assertion of many street children who still believe in the magic of Christmas. These children are eager for Christmas to come because it is during this time that many people sympathize with their spells. However, if most children dream of a new toy at Santa Claus’ coming, these children really want something else.

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… How poor children define Christmas

Why am I talking about definition?

All children don’t have the same social status. According to their living standard and status, they have their own perception of what Christmas is. Most think it is a magical event in which they receive a lot of new toys and lots of sweets.

For street children, Christmas means something to eat and bed cover for sleeping under the tunnel.
cc: Pixabay/Fifaliana Joy

But for children who don’t even have a home, Christmas is the time of charity to them. Everyone is generous with them and offers them gifts that sometimes do not really serve them on a daily basis and do not meet their real needs.

« Something to eat is what we always ask for … »

Beggars, also called « 4 mis », must look for their every day food. And deep inside of them, the dreams of « normal » children have faded away little by little. The time to play has been replaced by the time to fight the garbage to get something to eat. That is why most of them say, « on Christmas time, we’ll ask the white bearded gentleman to give us bread instead of candy and a warm blanket instead of toys. »

Their ideal Christmas …

I did not live with these children, but I guess through their eyes, that their wish for Christmas would be to have a day without begging. For these particular children, offering them toys is not enough. The dolls or the balloons, they will not be able to eat them. They would not hesitate to sell them or trade for food to satisfy their hunger.

A day of rest without walking through the city, having food to eat without the usual hard work will illuminate and awake their joy of life. It would be a perfect Christmas … without fear or hunger.

T.Chichi TTS

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