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« To live one’s limitless passion is one of the keys to Africa’s development! »

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Living one’s boundless passion is the key to an individual’s success and one of the keys to Madagascar’s development. That’s what seven African women, leaders of their respective communities, supported on Friday during the « African Women Making History » event at the American Center Tanjombato.

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To live one's limitless passion
Larissa, Christina, Claudia, Samantha, Josie, Antsa and Monica at the American Center Tanjombato last Friday. cc: Antsa

African women highlight passion

To live one’s boundless passion is one of the keys to development and success. That’s what Mónica, Samantha, Christina, Antsa, Claudia, Larissa and Josie proclaimed last Friday at the conference « African Women Making History » at the American Center Tanjombato. According to these seven young women with totally different profiles but with a common passion, passion is the key to the success of an individual and one of the keys to development, humanly and emotionally speaking. They are talking about the emotional intelligence, little mentioned in newspapers and news on TV or radio, and which is one of the factors of recognition of potential in an individual. Loving the work that is done and experiencing a passion for this work or action, a man can give the best of himself, both physically and intellectually. That is how passion becomes an indispensable factor for the individual to succeed and become himself a source of income for his country. According to the affirmations of these young women, « it is this passion that Malagasy and some African peoples lack today, which is why a country does not move forward, because few people are passionate by what they do, because everyone follows the same ritual every day even if it does not bring any change any more, does not require the least effort « . Indeed, to be able to make a change, it is necessary to accept to make efforts and to leave its « comfort-zone ».

How to develop a country by passion?

As our young speakers demonstrated during their speeches on Friday, it is possible to develop one’s abilities and potentials and to bring positive change through passion. Concrete examples. Passionate about science, Larissa decided to set up a project to promote science and aspiring young artists in Madagascar. Similarly, Claudia, a fan of drawing and art but also digital, has decided to build software that will help artists to draw and sell their works more easily. These are just examples of young Malagasy who have taken initiatives to develop the Big Island and help write history through their passion. According to a young entrepreneur during the « Startup Path » discussion in Habaka Tsimbazaza last Wednesday as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, passion is also one of the key elements missing from today’s young entrepreneurs. But also, the lack of entrepreneurial culture and support of seniors and of the State.

To live one's limitless passion
Young malagasy entrepreneurs during the « Startup Path » discussion in Habaka Tsimbazaza last Wednesday as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, cc: Habaka

Support and consideration

Apart from highlighting the passion and inspiration, in their speeches, our seven African Women also mentioned the rejection and lack of support from some of their elders.

« My parents never appreciated that I was passionate about science. » Very conservative, they saw me badly in a white lab coat, telling me it was not profitable in Madagascar. But I decided to continue my graduate studies in Mathematics, despite everything « , testified Larissa.

Likewise, after being persecuted many times because of her curly hair since her childhood by her parents and loved ones, Antsa decided to assume as a « curly hair » and no longer oblige herself to straighten her hair .

« Since you assume youself, you start appreciate yourself and start to find your potential », she said.

It should be noted, however, that it is not an invitation to rebellion, but an awareness campaign for young people, especially Malagasy women, who are too often persecuted, abused and minimized in society. From their childhood, young girls are stereotyped: the good girl who will get married and become a housewife, or at least a stable profession, with a sedentary life. But women do not just shake things up and do the housework. They do not deserve to be beaten, raped, or paid less at work. They can do great things and lead big fights. Every woman is destined for a great future. That is why our seven representatives of the female population demand a better consideration of the state and adults towards women and young people.

To live one's limitless passion
A friendly atmosphere during the conference « African Women Making History » at the American Center Tanjombato. cc: Antsa

« Just give young people opportunities to raise the colors of our country! » said Riveltd Rakotomanana, founder of the CEERE, Monday at the opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Anosy.



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