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To discover Madagascar’s History, an international symposium at CCI Ivato

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Last updated on novembre 28, 2017

The history of our origin, our people, and our roots, are less and less communicated to us. Yet history is a big part of our identity and is the foundation of our present and future. In order to discover or re-discover the history of Madagascar, an International Symposium on History, Civilization, and Culture will be held at CCI Ivato from the 28th to the 30th of November 2017.

Discover or rediscover the history of Madagascar

Symposium de l'histoire, civilisation et culture
The press conference about the International Symposium on History, Civilization and Culture was held last Friday at Antaninarenina. Cc: BookNews

An International Symposium on History, Civilization, and Culture will take place from the 28th until the 30th of November at the International Conference Center or CCI Ivato. Being in its first edition, the focus of this symposium will be to share Madagascar’s history, its people, its origin, and the emergence of what we even call « Malagasy ». Initiated by the agency Première Ligne, this event will be an opportunity for the Malagasy people, especially young people, to discover their history. In fact, many young Malagasy are unable to know the history of their country. However our elders don’t always remember. Given this fact, it is crucial that Malagasy people know their history so that they can affirm their identity and set boundaries in the context of Globalization.

« Everyone agrees that the Austronesian population who were the first ones to come across what we will eventually call Madagascar and who will later be called “Malagasy” makes it clear that we are the descendants of the first navigators in the history of mankind. In fact, capable of navigating in the high seas and mastering the « Path of the Stars », those first navigators have prefigured a form of commercial and economic globalization”, the organizers of the event explained.

Forty national and international scientists will also be present at Ivato to provide a collective reflection on what constitutes the fundamentals of the great history of the Big Island.


Taking place from November 28 to 30, the International Symposium on History, Civilization, and Culture will be free to enter. « CCI Ivato will be the theater of scientific efficiency and will be an opportunity to hear, listen and visualize – especially through the exhibition » Arts Premier de Madagascar « – freely and without constraint. » Live broadcast, in the global level, and all of the conferences will be available to the public. Moreover, 40 young people, through a game on Facebook via the official page of the BFV bank, will be exceptionally invited to the event. On this occasion, a tribute to Dr. Joseph Rasamimanana will be made. Dr. Joseph Rasamimanana, who is recognized as the Prime Savant of Madagascar (says Professor Albert Rakoto Ratsimamanga). Indeed, while experimenting on the frog, he was the first to demonstrate the curarizing effect of tanghinin, a pure alkaloid isolated from tanghena seeds (testing poison used under Queen Ranavalona I, 50 years earlier against Christians abandoning their ancestral beliefs. He was the Queen’s doctor and was among the first professors at the Royal Medical School. Later, he made many scientific discoveries, which he never wanted to publish in scientific journals. Among these discoveries were the use and popularization of Aphloia theoformis, a diuretic and effective plant against bilious hemoglobinuric; and the treatment of splenomegaly, a spleen disease, by using quinine.

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