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Time management for young people

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We spend an average of eight hours a day sleeping. Apart from this time, we have more than twelve hours to spend on a daily basis. For those who work, eight more are removed and the remaining hours are for rest in general. But for most students and young people who do not have much occupation, are they able to manage their time well in order to better secure their future?

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How do young people spend their time?

It is during youth that we have the most energy to thrive to the fullest. However, due to technological advances and social networks, young people spend more time entertaining themselves and very rarely learning. Even in class, three out of five students are constantly online on several social networks. A minute library is transformed into an instant Facebook – Twitter – Instagram, because the wi-fi network works too well. A young person devoting himself to revisions early, begins to grab his phone and scroll (term used on Facebook) publications for over an hour. Or, he takes the remote control and plays all the chains and lingers on a movie. Others hear their friends whistling and get ready to go out, dance and drink. These same young people, in fact, cannot concentrate more than 10 minutes on their notebooks, but can spend an hour surfing the net, watching TV or drinking.

During youth, it is certainly necessary to have fun, but it is also the time to cultivate. It is easier for our young brain to assimilate than for an adult brain.

Let’s manage our time for our future

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Be aware that if you attend training sessions at a young age, these will be assets for your future. Get some tips on how to better manage your time. First, « set up a todo list »! A todo list lists the activities you will perform during a specific moment. It can be a poster hung in your room or an agenda that follows you, list the tasks to be done. Secondly, « make an alarm-planning ». In one day, set your schedule and use your phone’s alarm to remind you. Third, « turn off your phone from time to time ». In fact, the end of the world will not happen in two hours if you are not connected. Try it and you’ll see it well;) During classes and revisions, to avoid temptation, it is best to turn off the phone.

The basic rules of time, as being punctual and responsive should be self-evident and natural.

The list is not exhaustive, but these little tips should do the trick to get started.

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