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I am tidying up so I am

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Last updated on avril 22, 2020

A well-organized interior. This is another challenge during periods of lockdown! The KonMari method is a way of sorting that can help us optimize the environment by eliminating redundant content. The goal is to make our interiors more pleasant to live in for a long time.  Thanks to this long period, we will be able to reorganize our home if necessary!

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The famous KonMari method

Marie Kondo, the Japanese consultant in organization and personal development, gives us practical advice in her bestseller « The Magic of Tidying Up ». These tips can help us get rid of unnecessary items and organize things at home.

She suggested going step by step, starting with clothes, sorted from three piles, to be given away, sold to be kept – then books, papers, « komono » (miscellaneous and varied items) and finally, items of perceptual value.

“Tidying is sorting”

Unfortunately, we are not going to go into detail about all these steps. We are going to focus on one of the crucial steps which is the sorting method. This involves holding each object in your hand and asking yourself these questions: does the object bring me joy? is the object useful? does the item work? does the object have a specific place to be stored?

When asking these questions, avoid keeping « just in case » items. The principle is very simple; it is absolutely necessary to stop keeping objects for fear of lack. Indeed, the goal is to establish contact with your physical possessions (no, you’re not crazy, don’t worry about it!).

As Marie Kondo states in her book: « Keep only those things that bring you joy. »

tidying up
Tidiness creates a sense of confidence that helps us feel competent and independent. cc: Pixabay

I am tidying so I am

Harmonious, tidy and functional homes are sources of well-being because they are at our service. While a messy interior generates stress. According to an article in Psychology Today, tidiness creates a sense of confidence that helps us feel competent and independent. Reducing clutter is energizing, and cleaning and organizing reduces anxiety.

Eliminating objects that overwhelm us psychologically and emotionally gives us more space for new encounters and experiences. Thus, tidying up can make you lucid and focus on things other than everyday problems. In addition, it can also allow you to dream, stimulate creativity, let your mind wander, move your body and reduce relationship conflicts.

As Elise Delpart, author, points out in her book « Tidy up your life« :

“You have to take care of the inside as you like to take care of yourself. Our living space is an extension of ourselves. »


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