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These four high school students Jules Ferry madden the enthusiasts of video games!

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A 2D entirely malagasy video game is currently available on the web. Designed and made by four young high school students, this game can compete with the games we play on our phones, such as Candy Crush or Subway Surfer. We can soon be addicted!

Vakio ny lahatsoratra amin’ny teny malagasy amin’ny

Version française disponible sur

 The Malagasy game « Roa » conquered

It’s been only two days since the download link of the game « Roa », which literally means « two » in English, has been officially published on the Facebook page of Infinit Games and already, the application is frightening Internet users and gamers. Directed by four young men grouped under the name of Infinit Games, the game « Roa » is a 2D game reflex which consists in making sure that two balls do not come up against the various obstacles put in place. The player makes sure to reach the maximum points to go to the next stage, which proposes the same concept but with increasingly difficult obstacles. The game offers 12 stages, including 10 mandatory stages and 2 bonus stages. « This is a game for Android phones. We have chosen to develop it in 2D since this is our first game. But we plan to develop even better ones in the future, « explained the young designers. The game is compatible on an Android phone at minimum 4. System, and weighs about 30 megabytes. The game is downloadable via the link

The presentation of « Roa » on the show « Point GG », on September 30th. Here, Ambinintsos is talking.

« Malagasy can do great things! « 

As Ambinintsoa, ??a member of Infinit Games explained, they developed this game to prove that « Malagasy can do great things. » The game is thus completely malagasy. « Even the language in which it was conceived is in Malagasy, » explained our designers. « It’s also a passion, » Jason said. We spent three months developing this game. We have not received any training. We are simple high school students of Lycée Jules Ferry « .

Infinit Games

Infinit Games thus presents itself as a designer of video games Malagasy. It is composed of four young gamblers, including Ambinintsoa, ??Kevin, Jason and Mihaso. The video of the game presentation is available on the Infinity Games Facebook page. A video of their presentation on the show « Point GG », on September 30th.


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