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Tsiry, l’Ambassadeur

Il m’attendait à la terrasse d’un restaurant. Nous nous étions donnés rendez-vous une journée avant son départ pour New York afin de discuter de l’impact des jeunes malagasy dans les discussions internationales, notamment celles concernant le climat. Tsiry , Jeune activiste malagasy, a été sélectionné avec 99 autres jeunes par les Read more…

88 young Malagasy, Malagasy youth spokesperson at the National youth summit

88 young Malagasy are participating in the National youth summit in Antananarivo, from Monday 11 to Friday 15 December 2017. Leaders in their respective communities, these young Malagasy are the spokesman of the Malagasy youth to their needs and the problems they are facing to in their society.

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To live one's limitless passion

“To live one’s limitless passion is one of the keys to Africa’s development!”

Living one’s boundless passion is the key to an individual’s success and one of the keys to Madagascar’s development. That’s what seven African women, leaders of their respective communities, supported on Friday during the “African Women Making History” event at the American Center Tanjombato.

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Young Malagasy people are changing the world!

You are Malagasy? You are young? Do you have projects in your head? You are in a state of mind in Madagascar, it is unrecoverable, in every sense of the word? You still believe in a developed Madagascar and who could, why not, become a global social and economic model? Come to attend the conference on “How will Malagasy people change the world?“, in Tanjombato.

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