motivation for studies

You’re not motivated for studying anymore?  Do not talk too fast!

“BE MOTIVATED, DEARS ALL, STUDY! IF YOU GO TO SCHOOL, IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE”. I know this word. We can see that everywhere… Also, we can hear that everyday… Everyone says it…. But who of those people had taken the time to explain the real meaning of it?? No one…. Or there is some person, just some, who are trying to explain why we said studying can change our life and also, it’s so important.

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training about blog creation

Malagasy students get training about blog creation

The ability to express themselves and advocate on topics that are important to them should be reinforced among Malagasy high school students, hence the initiation to the creation of blogs.

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Claudia Raobelina

Madagascar, a Country of a Thousand Hopes, a Country of a Thousand Vulnerabilities

In 2018, Madagascar is said to be one of the poorest countries in the world.
Antananarivo is said to be the third dirtiest capital. Some diseases like the plague
persist in the country, even in 2017. Moreover, more than 35% of adult Malagasy
people are still illiterate. One can witness corruption on every level. Every
morning, a new political scandal can be read through newspapers’ headlines. (more…)

88 young Malagasy, Malagasy youth spokesperson at the National youth summit

88 young Malagasy are participating in the National youth summit in Antananarivo, from Monday 11 to Friday 15 December 2017. Leaders in their respective communities, these young Malagasy are the spokesman of the Malagasy youth to their needs and the problems they are facing to in their society.

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