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Ambondrona tries and dares, they launch their new perfume

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Known as the most famous Malagasy pop rock band since the 2000s, the band Ambondrona is hanging a new star on their portfolio. At the band's concert in La City Ivandry last Friday night, the band officially presented their perfume collection. This news surprised fans, but also observers in general, troubled, admiring, and for some, skeptical of this news.

Valentine’s Day – An E-Show placed under the sign of love offered by The Josia Rakotondravohitra Quartet featuring Terry Klemensen

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The E-show offered yesterday by the group The Josia Rakotondravohitra Quartet featuring featuring American saxophonist Terry Klemensen was distinguished from the usual concerts held at the American Embassy in Andranomena. Our artists have indeed offered the public a special show Valentine's Day. Version française disponible sur