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Claudia Raobelina, naharesy tamin’ny Blog4Dev, hisolo tena an’i Madagasikara any Etazonia

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“Nanoratra aho satria te hitondra ny anjara birikiko amin’ny fampandrosoana an’i Madagasikara”. Izay no nambaran’i Claudia Raobelina, mpandresy ny fifaninanana iraisam-pirenena Blog4Dev nokarakarain’ny Banky iraisam-pirenena (BM), raha nanontaniana izy hoe inona no nanosika azy handray anjara tamin’ity fifaninanana lehibe ity. Version française valable sur English version avalaible on

Madagascar, a Country of a Thousand Hopes, a Country of a Thousand Vulnerabilities

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In 2018, Madagascar is said to be one of the poorest countries in the world. Antananarivo is said to be the third dirtiest capital. Some diseases like the plague persist in the country, even in 2017. Moreover, more than 35% of adult Malagasy people are still illiterate. One can witness corruption on every level. Every morning, a new political scandal can be read through newspapers’ headlines.