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Strike does not mean « war »

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Last updated on juin 4, 2019

In terms of event, we can say that the strike has often been to one of the news last year, and that it is always even the case currently. Frequent in many public institutions, more and more officials and students claim something to state. But each of them has their own definition of strike and to be on strike. But the common point of each of these strikes, it is the damage that flows.

 How is strike in our country?

 I will not detail of all types of strike. I will just specify on the most recent, a strike to which I attended (not as a striker of course).

The field? It’s education. If I say « University of Antananarivo », the first word that surely comes to you, or the second after the term « Ankatso », is the Strike. All the actors (especially the main actors) are frequently on strike. These are either teacher-researchers or students. That’s why most of the students do not wish to study to the largest public university of Antananarivo because of its « reputation ».

 Indeed, these strikes are always associated with many damages: blocked roads, phones or cameras destroyed (if you try to take pictures), torn notebooks, courses totally disturbed …

This is especially true when students are on strike. Unfortunately, the administrations are usually forced to contact the police to calm the « riots ». The fact is that students are most often assisted by mercenaries.

To be on strike
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LoggaWiggler de Pixabay

 You can strike without « fighting » or « disturbing »

During the strikes, especially at the University of Antananarivo, we think we are in a real battlefield. With cries, whistles, throwing stones, fumes of tear gas grenades, …

But the claims can very well be done in other ways. Everything can be settled by consultation, as we always say. Unlike animals, « man is a reasonable animal » (Aristote). In my opinion, the claims of students about scholarships, housing … should be resolved by words, dialogues, no need to throw stones and destroy everything.

 Dear students, if you say « no one is listening to us ». Before using weapons of war, have you ever tried to send a letter to the administration or to use the media and to express yourself during the programs dedicated to this? No, you love the war too much and no one cares about the procedures and steps to go on strike.

Indeed, after you have requested a hearing or sent letters of complaint, you are allowed to strike (in silence), without disturbing and fighting. But destroying public property or private property is not part of a strike, it is simply a crime. In this case, the fault is yours, and that is why your requests do not succeed.


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