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To help the start-ups, the government commit on the GEN Madagascar

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Many start-ups don’t succeed in becoming enterprises.  Face to that, the malagasy Government claims his will to lean the GEN Madagascar on the promotion of the entrepreneurship and start-ups to strengthen the economic growth.

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GEN Madagascar
Opening of the Global entrepreneurship week at Anosy yesterday.
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The government commit on the GEN Madagascar

« Many start-ups don’t succeed to get over the cap of the entreprises and live as start-ups although they should become real entreprises which do benefits and contribute to the economic growth of the country ».

That’s what Arlette Raharijaona, president of the Global Entrepreneurship Network Madagascar, claims yesterday during the official opening of the Global entrepreneurship week in Anosy. In fact, many start-ups or entreprises still in phase of start, don’t succeed to develop to collect enough benefits  and become a true source of revenue for the country. Moreover, the start-ups live for the most in the informal sector. Behind that, the ministry of the Industry and the development of the private sector, Tazafy Armand, has claimed that the State is ready to commit to development of the entrepreneurship in particular close to youngs and women.

« Conforming to the fixed orientation by the general politic of the State and the national plan of development of the private sector, the ministry has installed the Direction of support to the entreprises (DAE). It has for mission to promote the Entrepreneruship and be a catalyst of the development of the private sector in Madagascar », has claimed the press release.

A convention on the entrepreneurship is also installed to strengthen the incubators, and favorize the exchanges of experience. According to the minister, in front of the problems of the job which actually exist in the country, the entrepreneurship becomes a strategic tool to fit into the economic life. Besides the engagement of the State, the International organization of the French-speaking countries (OIF) also commit fo facilit the administrative procedures, often too nit and complicated and setting up a obstacle for the development of the start-ups.

Difficulties to succeed

According to the assertions of start-upers, many difficulties make that the transformation of a start-up in enterprises is greatly difficult.

« There is first the nonexistence of fund. Most of the start-upers start with almost nothing. Then, there is difficulty in the papers, and especially the juridic plan, the formalization. In fact, a society must pay taxes even if it has not already make d benefits. In order that a society should be financially stable, it needs at least three months. And this, the autorities should realize because sometimes, they rush on recolt money even though we don’t already have what to pay a local », has testified Tojo, a young start-uper.

The lack of support from the community, the existence of a too big habit to the “look-at-me buzz”, the monopoly of the market by the big societies who don’t want to cooperate, the nonexistence of funds for entrepreneurship in the public policy, are too problems which make that undertaking is difficult in the Big Island.

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