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Help! Social networks are devouring this generation…

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Nowadays, we are witnessing one of the greatest human revolutions. Actions, comportments, lifestyles, everything has evolved. We begin to face radical changes in the means of perception and understanding of all human nature. This change targets the last two generations in very specific ways.

Lost in the virtual world

What is clear is that many people are no longer able to follow the speed and pace of technology. The last decades have indeed been marked by enormous technical progress. However, we can distinguish two generations that make the most of these novelties. The 2000 generations who were born with television and the 2010 generations who were born with Facebook. These two generations are the most vulnerable. The consequences of not mastering the good and bad sides of new technologies are quite significant.

Real social relationships have dropped dramatically. Today’s children and teens have become addicted to a virtual world. Of course, they communicate with a crowd of people, but many among them would not dare speak in public. More importantly, can we really trust people we have never physically met? On this subject, many bad experiences and even fatal situations have already been identified.

The most popular social medias

In addition to the communication problem, we can also talk about unnecessary time wasters. According to a behavioral study (which I have done myself): people on social networks spend 14 hours a day without even realizing it. They start to touch their phone early in the morning, stick in it all day (even at school) and finally spend most of the night connecting. I even have a 14-year-old cousin who has had general fatigue just because of Facebook. Internet access begins to affect the mental and physical health of many people.

What to do?

We cannot deprive our children of the internet. The reality, the very functioning of the present life, limit us. But before generations since 2000 disappear into another world, it’s up to us to keep an eye on them. Do not let teens and children spend 75% of their time on social networks. Check their publications; make sure their schedules are more suitable.

The best of all solutions, to incite and convince them to other distractions and hobbies having no relation with the screens. The books are mainly recommended. Imagine and compare the advantages and disadvantages, for the same duration of 14 hours, to subdue people’s lives on social networks and read a good book of general culture ? In parallel, board games, collective games, once popular, will also allow these generations to open to the world without the intermediary of an interface.


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