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Respect to all our instructors …

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Life teaches us many things, but our teachers always a little more. In any case, if you succeed and congratulated, the merit does not come back to you in full. A parent, teacher, trainer, … has been behind the scenes.

 I would like to highlight and thank each of the instructors who have trained our personalities and made possible for us to become what we are today.

My gratitude goes first and foremost to our dear guardians, whether it is a parent, a grandparent or a third party who has taken on the role of tutor since our childhood. These brave people who wake up at midnight when we get sick, those who work very hard to put food on the table, those who worry a lot when they do not receive news of their protégé even a little while.

When we were child, we did not really understand the rules of « the elders are always right, » and if we dared to challenge their authority, it was « the corner » that was waiting. But in fact, these punishments make us understand the importance of respect and the value of seniors.

Respect to those who took the role of tutor since our childhood

In adolescence, when we returned Saturday morning after a beautiful and well watered Friday , we did not know that our parents spent a sleepless night waiting for us. And we complained about the « deprived of exit », yet we deserved it.

And the best in the story is that now, adult, we want these punishments of old: sleep earlier, stay at home … 🙂

A great big « thank you » dear parents and dear guardians <3 Heart on you who always support us. No matter our nonsense and awkwardness, you are there, always present and very caring with us.

Secondly, to the principal of the primary school: thank you for the « I hope not to see your faces again next year! « when we were in the last year. In our mind we also said the same thing to you. Who was not fed up with your morals and sermons at the time? But your words, rather offensive for us at the time, were one of our biggest motivations for not missing the CEPE. We did not know the values ??and common sense that your words implied. Not to mention the long punishments on the courses (like repeating definitions 10 times), they allowed us to remember these courses, even until now we still remember. For that, thank you teacher (schoolmarm)! 🙂

Then college and high school. Who did not once want to come back to thank each of his teachers? Tell them that sanctions such as cleaning the yard have served something, understand the value of not throwing anything on the floor. The hours we spent in detention gave us more time to review (something we did not do at home) and also to think. In addition, teachers’praise on the easy life of the University have been our motivation to succeed the baccalaureate at any price.

Finally, the most beautiful adventure is the university, not easy but in any case, everything we learned with our teachers has helped shape our personality. Trainers, managers, supervisors, … all of you have forged our abilities to accept reprimands, to assume mistakes.

Respect to our teachers

The list is not exhaustive. In all your cursus, remember one thing, you are there because someone has shown you the way, he pushed you from behind, or he held out his hand. The greatest THANKS these people expect from you is that you succeed and that you are proud of your sources by mentioning them everywhere.

Know that the salary of the instructors is not at all equivalent to the values ??they transfer. Some even volunteer, like our parents who deserve recognition for everything they did for you and me.

Tsanta Chichi TTS

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