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Restore respect to elders

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Few young people respect elders nowadays. They are called new generation, or young people influenced by globalization. But must the new era of technology really have an influence on the value of respect for elders?

Non-respect of elders prevails everywhere

I would describe as elders our parents but especially the elderly we meet. Most of today’s youth no longer respect parents’ advice. Either under the pretext of bragging of being a rebel, or under the pretext that the parents are behind the technological advance. This second motive is accompanied by mockery aimed at denigrating the parents.

The disrespect experienced by the elderly in their daily lives is noticeable in the use of public transport and street furniture. Young people sit comfortably in front of older people who do not have a seat or have difficulty moving around to get a place further. I realized today that when an elderly person presents a green card (karatra maitso), he or she still has to pay 200 or 300 Ariary. Other carriers even refuse to give them discounts. Indeed, the card does not work all the time and does not lead to total postage of the transport costs. However, to obtain these cards, these people must provide many documents and follow several procedures.

Another situation of disrespect is observed during the payment of pensions for retirees. Sick, unfit or tired, they must all queue without exception. The wait is not short at all. Other old people do not even receive any help and still have to work despite their age.

Respect elders
Let’s respect the elders
cc : Photo by Parij Borgohain from Pexels

Let’s restore at least the minimum of respect

Before denigrating parents for being late, know that without them you would never have existed. Before you become a rebel who saddens parents, remember that if they speak it is for your own good. Instead of laughing at their lack of knowledge, help them understand. Communication is the key, no need to be rude.Let us straighten together the values ??taught by our ancestors by respecting the « Zokiolona« . Let’s help them in everyday life, to move easily, to settle comfortably. And why not individual assistance from the State that each elderly person can benefit from to make their life easier?


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