Recently Madagascar was the victim of a major natural disaster in which 7 of the 22 regions were hit and flooded due to bad weather. Flooding is what plagues our country, but elsewhere there is global warming which has led to waves of heat and fires. Eastern Africa is currently experiencing its worst locust invasion in 25 years. Situations such as this make us aware of the extent of environmental degradation. It is high time to act!

Acting on behalf of the environment

This is a classic phrase and almost everyone claims to act on behalf of the environment. But who is really doing it? It is time to really assess the extent of the danger that environmental degradation can cause. It is no longer enough to share alerts on social networks, give lectures and see the damage to the environment. We need to start taking action. Taking action on the environment means working for the cause of the environment. That you work constantly and not just for a set period of time.

Simple everyday practices are therefore welcome for everyone. Protecting the environment must be a constant act like living and breathing.

Acting for the environment on a daily basis

Apart from planting trees during reforestation periods. Other acts can be imbued into our daily lives. For water, we can reduce our water consumption. Toxic products should be avoided as much as possible. Be aware that there are non-toxic and natural products on the market. Just read the labels carefully.

We must also learn how to manage waste. Not throwing them away is a good start. Next, it is strongly advised to buy durable and reusable products rather than disposable ones. Your own reusable grocery bag is always better than using plastic bags. Working for the environment is not always about big actions, small actions count too.

Tsanta Chichi


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