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Problems of networks and unsatisfactory service quality of the operators, solutions?

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Advanced technology? Okay. But there is also a certain quality of service on the part of the mobile phone companies. This quality is still unsatisfactory for subscribers of different mobile operators in Madagascar. Faced with this, Artec and the operators look for  solutions.
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Operators solutions
Sending message fails many times.

Unsatisfactory service quality of the operators

Interference during a phone call, offers at lower cost and sometimes at lower quality: late messages, connection problems …. Subscribers operators, any operator, complain about the quality of service offered by these companies telecommunication. The inconvenience suffered by subscribers is increasing and some have complained to the Artec or  Regulatory Authority of communication technologies. Indeed, Artec’s role is to enforce the standards based on the tolerance thresholds provided by the law in force. This is how the authority provides for standardization.


According to Jean-Jacques Massima, ITU regional representative or International Telecommunication Union for Central Africa and Madagascar, tolerance thresholds should be standardized for all operators, referring to international standards.

« If I take the example of the mobile operators, there are specifications for the operator service provider where the indicators are specified. This concerns, for example, the number of breakdowns or of tolerable cut-offs on the network; the number of failures for calls made by users, etc. The number of inconveniences experienced by users should therefore not exceed these limits. In addition, operators must offer the same services, the same qualities and the same prices throughout the Malagasy territory. It is this standardization that we want to put in place at the end of this seminar », said the representative of the ITU.

Strict monitoring of operators

A seminar on quality of service for finding solutions to telecommunication problems was held at Artec Ivandry this week. The objectives of this seminar are to align standards with international standards and to standardize the indicators.

Operators solution
Network problems should be fix soon.

Organized by Artec and ITU, this working meeting brings together operators and representatives of the public sector working in telecommunications. ITU experts also took part in this seminar and provided training on standards. According to Artec’s director of market regulation, Brillant Rakotoratsimanjefy, users also need training on standards and offers on the market.

« When we pay for services, there is also the quality that goes with it. Users sometimes complain about this quality, but sometimes dissatisfaction emanates from a lack of understanding of the offer. Nevertheless, we always invite users to provide information to ARTEC on the quality of services or for possible complaints so that we can take action with the operators concerned », said the representative of ARTEC.

In addition, the ITU ranks the countries of the world according to quality indicators. The next report will be published on November 14 and will reveal the rank of Madagascar among the other countries of the world.

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