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Let’s create positive waves!

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To be positive or to oppose any kind of negativism is a state of mind accessible to every person. Everyone can decide to be positive or negative. Everyone should be able to share positive attitudes, thoughts or ideas around him. So I wonder: why do we prefer to spread the negative when we can very well adopt positivity at any time?

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Let’s ban all negative things

The first step to overcome: remove negative waves we created before.

First, our bad feelings. Our habit of predicting absurd situations must absolutely be eradicated.

And the most important is the mentality! I emphasize this point because a bad mentality is really harmful. Jealousy, hatred, cunning, pure wickedness … When I was in distress, because of my two previous misadventures, I was able to understand people’s mentality. I was disappointed ?

During the theft of my phone, the crowd was spectators, nobody had intervened to help me. Most of those who attended the scene even dreamed of cheering the thief. None of them sympathized with me. But the height, it is me, the victim, who has received reproaches.

positive waves
The most important thing in positivism is the mentality. cc: Pixabay

I invite each of us to be more open to others, to be more altruistic. Let’s not be a planner of someone’s fall, let’s stop wishing harm for others. Let’s have some compassion for them, be happy with their success and encourage them!

We all have the ability to create positive waves. Positive attitude, we have the aptitude! It just requires some will and a little change.

Book News <3 This blog and its articles always warm my heart. Here we adopt and spread positivity. In any case, we try the best we can ?

You too can become a positive player in society. Start the change now and act for the sole purpose of creating and spreading positive waves in the community.


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