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Plague is in Madagascar for three months now, the victims don’t stop increasing

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The last bulletin of the BNGRC about the plague in Madagascar is catastrophic. The slaughter continues in front of that disease.

Plague in Madagascar: 610 cases and 63 deaths

610 cases and 63 deaths have been registered since the beginning of the epidemic on the whole of the Malagasy territory, according to the last bulletin of the BNGRC (National office of management of risks and disasters. 49 cases of plague have been registered between October  11st and 13th 2017 on the whole of the Big island, according to the received information. Those numbers show all form of confused plague. Among those 610 cases figure cases already healed and out of the hospitals, probable cases but not confirmed, and suspects cases. The rate of national lethality (number of death in relation of the total number of notified cases) is 10.3%


Always according to the information, now, 38 districts are touched by the epidemic of the plague: three times more than last week. That shows an “aggravation” of the epidemiologic situation in the Big island. New cases were identified positive that day, according to an anonym source in an hospital in the Capital. The person presented symptoms like fever and frequent coughs. Symptoms confused with those of the flu. Note that since the propagation of the disease, many measures have been taken. In particular, the closing of the schools in the districts in which plague is still threatening. A prolongation which touches already at its third week, so almost one month of leave for schools in the Capital and around, which are Fenerive East and Ihosy. In spite of the actions taken by different publics and privates institutions, among that in particular the ministry of the public health, the measures taken seem to be insufficient and the victims of the plague continue to increase. Among the measures that must be take: the disinfection of all the common transport, the limitation of the paths and ways of the population in particular in the dirty places, the disinfection of public places like the markets by the firemen and common agents…  A discussion is actually loading with the International organization for migration (IOM) and many ministries for a sketch of protocols of working and an organization of control sanitary post among the formalization. The Ministry of the Public Heatlh and the WHO plan the preparation of the sending of endowments and different specialized materials at the level of the 38 districts touched by the plague. Endowments will be put in benefit of the responsible and the personal of health in local level.

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