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Facing the plague, a day off for a great sanitation

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The plague continues to claim lives on the Big Island, while it has affected up to 1,500 people since the beginning of the epidemic last August. The State wants to be strict and announces a day off for a great sanitation.

« Non-working day for sanitation », announces Hery Rajaonarimampianina

The Malagasy State is planning a day off for a major sanitation on the national territory. A news announced Friday by the President of the Republic itself, in its weekly show « Fotoam-bita« , published on its Youtube channel. It will be a great national mobilization of all the citizens to carry out a thorough cleaning in the different localities. For the moment, the date of this non-working day is still unknown. However, the President of the Republic was intransigent and affirmed his will to fight against the plague, eternal plague in Madagascar for generations. Eh yes ! However, this mobilization sounds like a wake-up call after the storm, as currently 1,500 people have been affected by the plague, including 126 deaths, since the beginning of the epidemic last August. In addition, it would take more than a day to clean up completely, and that’s only in the capital. « It would take a city of more than three days to be able to carry out a major sanitation, » said a Tananarivian. In fact, despite the sanitary measures put in place on national roads, the displacement of a large flow of people is one of the main vectors of transmission of the plague.


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