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Organize well! This is the basis…

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After having three months well overloaded while we are still at the beginning of the year, I feel that something was really wrong in my schedule, my day, my work, etc. in short MY LIFE. A drop of water that broke the camel was last week. My weekend ended in a session of fatigue and migraine. There I realized that I had to make arrangements and that I adopt certain changes if I want to survive.

The bottom of my problem: a bad organization

Many meetings, many documents to analyze, tons of papers to sign, e-mails in stock, endless appointments … I could compare myself to a totally messy house, which has not been cleaned since a year (or even worse, who knows!: o). But I had just reported two or three jobs at the beginning, because of two or three setbacks. Also, being very active, dynamic and especially altruistic, I always willingly willing to serve friends or relatives, to perform other tasks, in addition to what I do.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to be overwhelmed. In this case, just one little clumsiness and you are facing a big carnage in your schedule or your job. And there you feel as if trapped or even desperate. Yet work is work, you cannot escape it. Now what is needed is getting out of this vicious circle and working with harmony.

Organize and reorganize
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What it takes: Organize and reorganize

You have probably already established an opening balance at the beginning of 2019. But to list the things to do for the year 2019 has it allowed you to organize well so far?

If yes: Congratulations then! But otherwise, I propose another trick to play: REORGANIZE.

First, take a break. To do this, you will take a day or a few hours to rebuild. During this break, do not think about sleeping, having fun, or resting. You will have plenty of time to satisfy yourself when you have finished reorganizing yourself.

Second, identify what your mistake was and do not make it again! You have accumulated work? Simple! During this break time: get to work and catch up; Fix and clean your workplace, reclassify your documents, get rid of all that is unnecessary and cumbersome.

Third, make a schedule that suits you. Put the jobs you need to accomplish in one day, list from most important to least important. Add « timing » to all these tasks, a definite time.

Finally, all that remains is to apply the schedule to the letter. You will always be able to change it from time to time if you think the organization is not working very well.
These practical tips will have an effect on the management of your time. It’s free and at the same time effective. Once again, you will find harmony in carrying out your work.


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