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Accept any organization to avoid traffic congestion.

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In recent weeks, there have been major changes in the city of Antananarivo. For my part, I have seen less traffic jams on one of the biggest roads where there used to be a lot of traffic. A palpable example is the Anosibe road. Many people are delighted with the situation, me too as a road user because it’s too good to no longer plan traffic jam hours to work. Other people, especially the vendors on these sidewalks, are not happy with the situation. But let’s leave it to the legitimate organization to find out what is accepted.

The right organization

It’s when you’re constantly passing through cities with traffic jams that you claim to be organized. A non-negotiable organization, « the road for car users, the pavements for pedestrians and finally the market for vendors ». In fact, it is because of the lack of respect for this organization that many uncomfortable situations for everyone were created. The biggest problem was the delays that affected all types of activities and appointments. With the traffic jam also, consequences such as loss of time and stress were experienced by everyone. So if good organization is possible, why not apply it to avoid these consequences.

découvrir Madagascar
Antananarivo, la Capitale de Madagascar. cc: Pixabay

Accept and sustain the organization

The police forces and the Town Hall are currently intervening to solve the road problem. But will this change remain? Will there be no more traffic jams? The answer doesn’t come from the traffic police, it comes from all of us. Let’s accept any organization, let’s act as good citizens. If you don’t buy on the sidewalk, sell only at markets. We must also respect the sidewalks and pedestrian crossings and not have fun on the road. I am sure that many of us are saving more time because there is less traffic jam at the moment. What if we make the necessary arrangements to make it last?

Tsanta Chichi TTS

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