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One help is better than none

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Having been delayed by night meetings, I went through the Ambanidia Tunnel when it was already dark.  I was saddened to see families, children, very old people, … not having a house, even a small one. 

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I was in the car, on the way to my house, a hot bed and hot meals too.  I’m sure there are people among them who have not eaten anything of the day, and most or all do not eat well.  I thought about helping, so I remembered my day, walking around the city, seeing tons and tons of beggars.

The homeless and their many fights every day

 The term « homeless » applies to most beggars in the city.  They do not have a fixed address as this term indicates.  Their home is either outdoors, or small houses made with plastic bags or cardboard, or behind the garbage bins

one help
Homeless people are looking for something to eat, added to the search por a place to rest at night. cc: Pixabay

During my day, I met many children who gave alms.  Very old people who worked really hard.  An old man of about sixty who was pulling a cart that weighed around 2500 kilos.  Surely hard work for little pay, so little food.  Among these people, few have a roof. 

For me, my fight ends with making money.  For them, looking for something to eat adds to the search por a place to rest at night.  If our children’s fight is to have class the next day, for these children who have no home, their struggle is to find food. 

To this research is added another constraint, where to sleep at night, how to protect from stray dogs?  For the homeless, life is not a gift.  In addition to their problems, they must also deal with health problems due to food poisoning, malnutrition or fatigue.

One help is better than none

It is this call that I would like to launch today.  We will never be able to help everyone who is in need.  But if we can reach out to those who are really in need, that would be good enough.  In a national project, why not make provisions for older people?  To allow them at least to obtain food allowances. 

Seeing old people who have to rest, to carry out heavy and hard works like drawing water or washing clothes, should not be indifferent to us.  Let’s protect the « Zokiolona« .  We will not be able to give everyone a roof over their heads. 

However, we can always help the homeless we meet.  When we intentionally tear clothes apart before throwing them away, know that poor people will retype them so they can be put back.  Before you throw away the remains of your foods in dirty bags, consider that other people may find them and make them dinner.  Also provide free medical services for the disadvantaged. 

Small aids can always improve their quality of life even a little bit.


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