For the proper functioning and development of the local economy, the Nosy Be Urban Municipality was this year appointed to the administration and management of Nosy Tanihely National Park.

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Nosy Be in charge of Nosy Tanihely

The paradise island of Madagascar is on the first list of parks and protected areas management. Effective for 2 years and elected by the Tanihely Association, the General Assembly, the supreme body of the congregation, has elected Nosy Be Urban Municipality as President of Nosy Tanihely Park. The organ will be represented by Aly Aboudou, Mayor of the Municipality. Previously, the presidency was preceded by Madagascar National Parks represented by its General Manager Guy Suzon Ramangason.

According to the press release, the General Assembly will undertake a development project on the proposal of the city itself. It was also said that the yields will contribute to the good operations and investments of the Park. The work focuses solely on the development of the reserve.

Very strict in the conservation of the natural environment, the Tanihely National Parks Association practices and contributes to any activity relating to the benevolence of terrestrial and marine biological resources. It will be more accentuated on the promotion of ecotourism, in particular local development always precise the release. According to the statistics collected, Nosy Tanihely National Park recorded 38,319 visitors in 2017.


in charge of Nosy Tanihely

Nosy Tanihely National Park, a marine and coastal protected area located in the Diana region.

The Nosy Tanihely Association is the fruit of the co-management of the 3 main actors in the conservation of protected areas, including Madagascar National Parks, the Nosy Be Urban Municipality (CUNB) and the Nosy Be Regional Tourist Office (ORTNB). with a particular strategy for the management of Nosy Tanihely National Park, a marine and coastal protected area located in the Diana region.

Managed mainly by Madagascar National Parks, Nosy Tanihely is registered in the network of protected areas of Madagascar.

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La Commune urbaine de Nosy Be officiellement en charge du parc national Nosy Tanihely · February 22, 2018 at 8:54 am

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