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Let’s say a resounding no to violence!

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The latest news that has upset so many Internet users and so many people in Madagascar in recent weeks was the case of a dead woman who, according to social networks, has suffered serious physical and mental harassment in the last months or even years of her life. In this column, I will not talk specifically about the case of this woman, as the investigation is still ongoing into her situation. But we all know someone in our entourage who is being abused in her own home, or perhaps even the person reading this column is the victim of the abuse. I’m speaking to you.

Let’s say no

People try to hide the wounds from domestic violence in Madagascar, be it physical or mental violence. Even if there is one person who would like to revolt, ten people manage to reason with her. It’s rather difficult to act when everyone is preventing you from doing so. In these homes, there are women brutalized by their husbands, an innocent little girl or a little boy abused by his father, his uncle. People who are supposed to protect them but who are their biggest nightmare. But let’s face it, not saying anything and letting violence go unpunished makes us accomplices and supporters of the aggressor. If these acts are camouflaged with the utmost discretion under so-called « values » and « mutual respect », there will always be victims. I believe that instead of feeling sorry for the victims, why not say no straight away.

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

Let’s act

Let’s imagine a woman who lost her baby because she was beaten. Let us think of a woman who is badly injured to the point of death because she was afraid to denounce her dear and tender child. Let us remember a child who has lost her innocence and no longer trusts anyone and is going to live a totally destabilized life. These acts will only stop if action is taken. We must start to raise awareness and no longer be afraid. Many acts have gone unpunished. We are not facing the first victim, and if we do not act, it will not be the last either. It is time to break the ice, to act in the face of such injustice.

Tsanta Chichi

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