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Never giving up is the basis

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People have managed to graduate after redoubling each year. Others have finally found true love by rising up after three heartbreaking romantic relationships…

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If we were to translate the success of life, I would not say that it is a succession of failures. I’d say « do not give up » is the basis.

Persevere and you will be victorious

It is often said that you have to fail before you win or that losing battles is necessary to win the war. We’re trying to find motivation for our failures. Certainly, I will not downplay the importance of failures, it is a factor facilitating success. But the basis, in fact, remains in our patience and perseverance as we fail. We do not know how many times or how long we will fail, it is the time that will give us this answer. A person can string together three failures and give up. Failures have followed one another, but success has not been endorsed. Who knows if at the fourth attempt the person would have finally succeeded, we will never have an answer because in fact, he gave up.

Those who stopped believing in their dream because it was too difficult to achieve. Those who have sunk into disappointment after failed lovers. Those who stopped looking for work after printing fifty unsuccessful resumes. Those who dropped out of school and their careers considered, because they redoubled. Those who stopped setting up their businesses because the risks were too great. These people will never know the happiness of seeing a dream fulfilled. Yes, they will never savor the great love with the end « they lived happily ever after ». They didn’t know that after the 51st C.V, they were going to get the job of their dream. They had no idea that redoubling would allow them to master their future work.

Do not give up until « N » failures and « 1 » success

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In class, I didn’t really like the real « N » number. Gradually, as I grew up, I realized that « N » is the number of failures I should go through. Being, neither mathematician nor inspired by Einstein, my theory is that a project is « N » failures plus (+) 1 great success. « N » being a positive number or zero. No one knows what’s behind « N. » All I can say is that « N » exists. It can be zero, but not every time. It will never be negative. As in math, the « N » to look for is a certain number. And once determined, the problem is solved.

Maybe you’ve already made an abandonment in your life. It’s time to get up. Be happy and grateful to have woken up in top form today. Living a half-life is not what is meant for us. Resigning or giving up is not at all what will allow you to succeed. When all hope is lost, hold on to the original goal. Make a question, get back into your race. Each has its own trajectory and its own trials, others must take two failures, others five. Others will not fail at all, only those who do not give up until success will know the number of failures they have had to accept.


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