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Mum, my “vehivavy mahery”

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Last updated on juillet 31, 2018

Everywhere, we can say that people have this thinking… A mother…She’s still considered as a weak person… Women are considered as weak persons… And I’m just wondering why we let those « WEAK PERSON » endures hard life… Why the nickname « FANAKA MALEMY » is not appreciated everyday but just in some occasion according to human desires….

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Two days per year

I chose to write a topic about Mum today, on normal day like other, but not during the famous day when we should appreciate them.

Why now? You’re probably asking this question reading this… Yes, if I had published something about women on those special day – which you know very well so don’t need to remind you – a lot of people, we can say all who just see the title will take a time to read… But today it’s not a special day so why we need to spend a time for a topic not so important…[amazon_link asins=’B01MR4L962,B01N6M0I9M,B07BNTSJHD,B071771VPS’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’booknewsmada7-21′ marketplace=’FR’ link_id=’061aa897-94d7-11e8-b3f5-054002f1b81f’]

I can also say this can be a bunch of flowers, during Mother’s Day or women’s day, there would be a lot of share with this nice words « WE LOVE YOU… » or «MY COURAGEOUS MUM » « GREAT WOMEN »…. and a lot of special word, a nice poem for the most weak and courageous person in the world.

vehivavy mahery
cc: Pixabay

And someone has thought of this… Why just twice a year? I would like to invite you to calculate TWO DAYS in 365 DAYS… It’s not a lot, no.

Weak or strong

Sometimes, I’m so confused I would say they aren’t weak but why everyone agrees to name Mum « FANAKA MALEMY »… Me, when I see what they can do, I would like to propose a new nickname » VEHIVAVY MAHERY »… Who is the economist of the home…? Who have to care all our means. Mother… and someone replies that it’s mother’s attribution and father do more work than Mum…

I quite agree with you, father do a lot, and thanks for him… But take just a minute to imagine you count every detail… If you have to choose count and plan salary for whole months instead of to work and find money, be sincere you’ll choose the last one.

Also, who have to endures husband’s reprimands, affront when the money is not sufficient. And the most known, Man do violence to his wife. I’d like to encourage all Wife who have to face this Kind of problem. You’re STRONG Mum, you can be strong… Yes, you are…

Let’s appreciate Mum’s real value

I wouldn’t change the world with this word so short but I just want to incite you to think about what women has to face every day… It’s an opportunity for me to write, so I wish you will consider this. I hope that every day, we’ll let Mum speak, we said to them to shut up because they’re weak. Stop violence to they, please!

And through this I want to thank all women who are qualified as WEAK But do something more than STRONG.


T. Chichi, TTS

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