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You’re not motivated for studying anymore?  Do not talk too fast!

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“BE MOTIVATED, DEARS ALL, STUDY! IF YOU GO TO SCHOOL, IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE”. I know this word. We can see that everywhere… Also, we can hear that everyday… Everyone says it…. But who of those people had taken the time to explain the real meaning of it?? No one…. Or there is some person, just some, who are trying to explain why we said studying can change our life and also, it’s so important.

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And if we unroll study’s importance… No one cares! No one wants to hear!!! And me also I don’t want… Because, when they develop the theme study, they are explaining one hour or more and we feel like hearing C.D. or some recitation…

« Magic words »

Let me report what they said when they incite us to go to school… « Do you need to have money? Study…. To be a best person, beloved, study… My child, oh Young people, study because You all are the future of your nation… ». Let me divine, If I’m talking about study’s motivations: you know absolutely who told you those words.

Someday, I’m wondering if those kinds of phrases are not a magic word used in witches’ period. But as there is a lack of time, government –  moderator – parents can’t found another manner to force us to study…

[amazon_link asins=’B01MR4L962,B017XNXROW,B076DY3JBP,B004JPKKY8,B07BNTSJHD’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’booknewsmada7-21′ marketplace=’FR’ link_id=’4b6dc508-7fa0-11e8-888e-275ef0e1bb03′]A big question what I’m thinking right now is why Magic WORD doesn’t give enough motivation for students?

Today I’ll give a little motivation to students. We can say I’m one of those people who dare to explain this…


motivation for studies
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If you want to be motivated to go school. Don’t need to comfort your brain. Do you need to be comforted when You’re eating? No, you just eat, and I think if someone forces you to eat. You’ll not do that…

So, think like studying is same as eating. I can assure you no one will force you will be intelligent and more concentrated at school.

Put this craft on your mind… Start reading, learning lesson, doing homework and enjoy it as you are eating.


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