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Environment – reduction of 43.51% of surfaces burned in protected areas managed by the MNP

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Madagascar National Parks (MNP) was able to save 9,160 ha of forests within its network of Protected Areas (PA) in 2019 compared to 2018.

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A decrease in burned areas for parks

According to MODIS data, the area of forest burned within this network in 2019 was 11,895 ha compared to 21,055 ha in 2018.

Although, almost half of the 43 PA managed by MNP are sensitive to forest fires, among others, the National Park of Ankarafantsika, the National Parks of Kirindy Mite, Bemaraha, Befotaka Midongy as well as the Special Reserve of Ambatovaky and the Integral Natural Reserve of Tsaratanana are the sites most devastated by this phenomenon over the last five years. Having attracted attention in the environmental news of 2019, the forest fire situation in Ankarafantsika National Park, however, recorded a 31% decrease compared to the previous year.

forêts brûlées
Marojejy National Park, one of the areas protected by MNP. cc: MNP

Causes of forest fires in Protected Areas

Of the more than 1 000 causes of fire identified within MNP’s PAs, cold sores are at the top of the list. In this last one, if we look by type, the most dominant is trace erasure or diversion. This explains the case of Marotandrano National Park.

Apart from highwaymen, poachers such as those from Angonoka in Baly Bay National Park, cannabis planters in the Tsaratanana Special Reserve, or the illegal operators of the mines in Ankarana National Park… use this harmful strategy, land clearing followed by incineration as well as illegal or uncontrolled charcoal kilns complete the list of causes of these fires. 

The sites with an ecosystem very sensitive to fire such as Mikea, Bemaraha, Ankarafantsika National Parks… are the ones that suffer heavy losses caused by these harmful human actions.

Edited by Toria Dimbiniaina

Translated by Naval Louivà

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