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Malagasy students get training about blog creation

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Last updated on avril 28, 2018

The ability to express themselves and advocate on topics that are important to them should be reinforced among Malagasy high school students, hence the initiation to the creation of blogs.

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70 malagasy students trained

Blogging. 70 high school students are following a training about blogging initiated by Unicef ??and young Malagasy bloggers. For this first phase of training, which is the pilot phase, learning will take place in four different provinces and regions: Antananarivo, Manakara, Ambatolampy and Ihosy.

The program is aimed at young people aged 14 to 24 enrolled in the CEG and public high schools of Madagascar.

The objectives are:

– Teach young people to write blog articles: writing techniques, research techniques …

– Teach young people to master the techniques of blog creation: use of blogging platforms on the Internet such as WordPress, Medium, VoicesofYouth …

– Give young people a way to express themselves and advocate on issues that are important to them

– Teach young people to use social media as an advocacy tool: introduction to Community management, creation of Facebook pages, use of hashtags …

training about blog creation
A Lycée Sileny’s pupil in Manakara learns how to use Google Chrome for researches.
cc: Book News Madagascar

The training also includes sharing sessions of peer learning and experiences at, where high school students can post their articles and increase their audience.

Training program and certification

The training program is as follows:

– 20-21 April – LMA Ampefiloha: Training of young bloggers from Ampefiloha High Schools, Rabearivelo Itaosy, Andoharanofotsy (52 participants)

– April 25-26 – Sileny Manakara High School – Training of young bloggers (13 participants)[amazon_link asins=’B071NWHS87,B073WBY4WD,B008QUT9VC,B01MR4L962′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’booknewsmada7-21′ marketplace=’FR’ link_id=’b4020725-4b18-11e8-9080-053b63bb6e0a’]

– May 4-5: Ambatolampy High School – Training of young bloggers (13 participants)

– 9-10 May: Ihosy High School – Training of young bloggers (13 participants).

training about blog creation
At the end of training, trainees get certificates.
cc: Book News Madagascar


Following this training, a follow-up will be done on Facebook through the group Voices Of Youth Madagascar, where young people will be able to exchange with each other, talk with trainers and get advice.

For Toky, a high school student in LMA Terminale, this training was an opportunity to discover new things.

« I realized that we could do something other than Facebook on the Internet. The training also gave me a lot of hope, so that we can be heard and expressed. The means exist and are numerous! The blog is one of them! He said, full of hope.

After the training, a follow-up will take place over 12 weeks.

During these 12 weeks, young people will have to produce 5 articles in Malagasy, French or English, based on one of the following five themes: « Tell your story! « , Rights of the child, ODD, » Internet of good things “, freedom of expression.

The best articles in French and English will be posted on the Voices Of Youth blog. Articles in Malagasy will be posted on a local blog.

In addition to Unicef, this program is the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Education and the Malagasy Bloggers community.


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