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Madagascar: young people eager to consolidate peace in the country

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Last updated on novembre 2, 2017

Madagascar is considered a fragile and conflict-sensitive country. Young people, trained by the Search For Common Ground, mobilized to consolidate peace on the Big Island.

Consolidation of Peace: Madagascar Peacebuilders

Young people are the future, but also the present of the country. © BookNews

62% of the Malagasy population is made up of young people. The latter may be sources of conflict, but may also be the facilitators in this country. Young people, trained by the Search For Common Ground, mobilized to consolidate peace on the Big Island. « Peacebuilders » or peace consolidators, as they are called. The « Madagascar Peacebuilders » page was set up on Facebook, on this day, following this initiative. An initiative by 34 young leaders, trained by the Search for Common Ground on peacebuilding, aged between 20 and 35 years. Members of civil society, NGOs and political parties, scattered around the island, these Malagasy want to consolidate peace in a « fragile » country, as was learned during the training. They will return to their respective regions of origin after three days of intensive training on Peacebuilding to make restitution to their community. « Madagascar has not yet encountered major problems of conflict until then, but it is better to prevent than to cure, » the Search For Common Ground said early in April. These young people were also introduced to leadership by experts in the field.

Young people, eager for change

The Samy Gasy Live, yesterday, at the high school Sainte Famille Mahamasina. © BookNews

In spite of the current situation in the country, which has led to the brain drain of thousands of young people and total disinterest in politics in the country, Malagasy young people have distinguished themselves by their desire for change and their willingness to do something. Young people who participated in a SFCG training decided to create a project to eradicate the « felaka » system (1) in the world of journalism. A commendable initiative. Other young people, equally creative and ambitious, want to eradicate the sex market in the Province of Toliara. They set up a project called « Peace ». This one was selected as best project by the public and the jury, following a voting during a presentation of projects, the Samy Gasy Live, yesterday, at the Lycée Sainte-Famille Mahamasina. The current Malagasy youth constitute the pillar of the future, development and consolidation of peace in Madagascar, the latter are therefore the best means of preserving security and peace in the country, currently torn by the « dahalo » corruption, underemployment and the political instability that is about to lead to a social crisis.

Search For Common Ground Support

These Peacebuilders were trained by the Search For Common Ground. Following a rigorous selection of applications from hundreds of young people, to detect the « leaders », the Search offers a session of continuing and specialized training on several different themes since the beginning of the year. Continuing education has initiated some 30 young people in conflict resolution, peacebuilding and leadership from April to December. The specialized training, which takes place over three to four days in the space of three to five months, initiates different themes. During the training, young people are introduced to the « Common Ground Approach » or collaborative approach that aims for a win-win outcome for two parties in a conflict situation. These trainings are part of the Samy Gasy project, an initiative of the SFCG in collaboration with the American Embassy.


(1) »felaka »: money given to journalists by the sources to ensure they do their job good

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