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Look: Lamakoo, a quiz application on Malagasy culture, was born in Paris!

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Promote Malagasy culture through a quiz application. That’s ingenious! Five young Malagasy have managed to climb to the top spot of the Startup Weekend Paris with the application Lamakoo, first application of quiz on Madagascar.

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Lamakoo was born at Startup Weekend Paris

The project to apply the quiz on Malagasy culture, Lamakoo, was the winner of the entrepreneurial Startup Weekend Paris event which took place from 20 to 22 October 2017 at the Senseplace. An event that consists of setting up a technological project in 54 hours, almost three days, so that it can see the day and be marketed.

« This is a project set up by five young Malagasy, whose objective is to make Madagascar known. This through a quiz that asks questions on several themes related to Madagascar, such as customs, art and literature, fauna and flora, history … Questions such as « how much is there? of ethnic groups in Madagascar? « Are asked, all in a colorful decor and Malagasy », we learned from the organizers.
A prototype has been launched following the Startup Weekend Paris.


lamakoo startup weekend paris
The Lamakoo team at the Startup Weekend Paris 2017.
cc: Techstars

According to the forecasts of our young creators, this game will be launched both in Madagascar but also on the international scene, to promote the tourism potential of the Big Island.

The winners of the Startup Weekend Paris

Apart from Lamakoo, three innovative projects were able to win the second and third place at the Startup Weekend Paris. These are SalamaCare, a micro-health insurance adapted to the needs and means of the most vulnerable in Madagascar, and Dési’Fruit, project of dehydration of fruits by a solar process to obtain healthy, vitaminized and natural dehydrated fruit condiments. . The crush of the public or « Coup de coeur du public » was the Kreatao project, an industrial consulting for sustainable development. The three projects were awarded by the Jury. Among the awards, a direct access to the oral selection to integrate the incubator Bond’Innov, access to their co-working space and Masterclass and a one-year support for the development of business plan for the first two.

« Lamakoo will benefit from the marketing and funding search offered by Miarakap, 80 hours of dev and coding for the creation of a Web application by WeDev Group, 1 year of free telecommunication offered by Telma. SalamaCare is also offered a voucher worth € 500 offered by DHL to send goods to Madagascar and 1 year of free telecommunication offered by Telma. Dési’Fruit also inherits a year of telecommunication « , we learned from the press release.

Startup Weekend Paris 2017 in numbers

The Startup Weekend Paris: Madagascar Edition 2017 took place at Sensespace from 20 to 22 October 2017. 66 participants registered, including marketers, developers, designers and engineers. For 54 hours, the participants confronted the realities of the world of startups and entrepreneurship. Sunday evening, the event was able to gather more than one hundred (100) people from the Malagasy diaspora in France on the spot. And more than fifty (50) people followed the Facebook Live event. Remember that the Startup Weekend is a non-profit organization that sets up events whose objective is to promote business creation around the world. Today it brings together a network of over 190000 participants. The Startup Weekend community is one of the largest networks of aspiring entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in the world with more than 2900 events in more than 150 countries in 2017. In 2016, Startup Weekend Paris brought together 42 schools, 8 projects, 20 pitches, 40 participants, 11 coaches and 7 juries.


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