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Look : they take initiative for illiterate women in Madagascar

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Many women of the Big Island are illiterate. In front of that, the association Addev Madagascar decides to put in project to teach fifty women to read, to write and to give them a decent job.

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Job creation for 50 illiterate women in Madagascar

Admirable initiative. An association, fruit of a partnership between citizens, companies, non-governmental organizations and governments, has decided to take an initiative to help illiterate women in Madagascar. Having scarcely attended primary school, these women are in a situation of extreme precariousness. The association “Agir pour le développement durable et l’économie verte in Madagascar” or Addev Madagascar, has decided to form 50 women from several areas of the capital, to teach them to become more autonomous. This project is funded, for the major part, by 25,000 Canadian dollars or Ariary 62.5 million from the Canada Fund for Local initiatives (CFLI). 100 jobs should be created in the next six months.

« The project specifically supports women from vulnerable places, with a low educational level: majority of these beneficiaries are illiterate. The value chains allows there beneficiaries to have a stable source of income and support in the formalization of their own collection companies », has informed the press release.

It’s a project that needs many specific supports like alphabet teaching provided by Teach For Madagascar, said the statement. Actives training in the collection and the sorting of waste will be given. Training in entrepreneurial managements is also provided by the Tsaratombo audit firm.
The project sets up a waste collection value chain. The beneficiary women collect waste near Addev Madagascar members, located in Ivandry, Ankorondrano, Antsahavola, Analakely, Ankadivato and Ambanidia fokontany. Then, the companies provided the collected wastes and will forward them to recycling company Ecologik, who will buy them in kilogram.


The project is realized in favor of a partnership between Ecologik Mada Sarlu and the Teach For Madagascar association. A convention has been signed, yesterday, in this context, between Mamy Rakotondraibe, Michaela Pawliczeck, who are director and executive secretary of Addev Maagascar, and Marvyn Mobbeboccus, General director of Ecologik Mada Sarlu. In addition, the project also includes a capacity building component for its members as well as civil society. This includes documentations and training online and active training about waste processing and recycling to support local initiatives of creation and development of green job which have a positive impact on the environment, said the press release. The collection and waste transformation being sectors still less expoited in Madagascar, Addev Madagascar want to explore its economic and ecological potential.

About the Addev Madagascar

Addev Madagascar association regroups citizens, companies, non-governmental and governmental organizations which support the transition of the classic economy to a green economy and inclusive in Madagascar. It has been created in January 2016. The association is based on the initiative for the green job (IEVM) initiated in 2014 by the ministry of the Environment, the ecology and the forest (MEED) and the United Nations Development program (PNUD) Madagascar. In order to support, through the action of its members, an inclusive economic increase, lasting and worried of its impact on the environment, Addev Madagascar works on 4 important sites: the adaptation of the political and regulatory frameworks towards an inclusive green ecomony ; the facilitation and implementation of pilot initiatives and research in favor of the emergence of a green economy; the provision of training to reinforce capacity and promotes, in general, the green economy of green jobs.

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