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What do we get out of our Independence?

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Last updated on juillet 15, 2019

That is the question I would like to ask all Malagasy people. Last Wednesday, we celebrated the Independence of our country. Is this celebration just a commemoration that we are obliged to do every year or is it beneficial to the development of our country? I would like to compare our June 26th and July 4th, American Independence Day, to see what this country gets from its Independence Day. By the way, happy Independence Day to all Americans. 😀

Vakio ny lahatsoratra amin’ny teny malagasy amin’ny alalan’ny rohy:

June 26 – July 4 : an almost similar celebration

I’m not going to detail all the practices of Americans to celebrate their independence. But I’m just going to tell you about the parts that an American friend told me. In fact, independence is celebrated in much the same way. They also hold group festivities, unlike in Madagascar, it is not the members of the same family who gather but the neighbours who organise a barbecue together, where everyone contributes. The latter call it « BLOCK PARTY ». During the « block party », we relax as much as we can to prove our independence, holding a beer and a sandwich in our hands and watching the fireworks. They do not practice « arendrina », but in exchange for the children, they decorate their bicycles and share their joy of celebrating independence by having fun. They also play firecrackers of course! 😉 What is most striking is that even though the United States is a very large nation, this practice is much the same everywhere. A little like in Madagascar, in any region of the country, independence is celebrated in the same way.

What do you get out of Independence?

Photo d’illustration. cc : Pixabay

It is this part that I saw in the celebration of independence by the Americans, but that I did not find too much (or even not at all) during the celebration of our independence. Certainly, there is a speech during our independence or we also talk about new perspectives. But, I have never heard this question arise in family gatherings on the day of June 26.

While my friend told me about his way of celebrating. I have been asking several questions on this point. Indeed, this discussion takes place during the block party. Let us say that each citizen consults together and takes stock of their country. Not all of them are State Officers, but on Independence Day they analyse their country and think about areas for improvement.

That’s what I suggest to all those who are proud to be Malagasy.

So let us think about improving our country in the best possible way. Let’s not wait for everyone to wake up. Independence Day is certainly a very good time to rest, but you should also know that it should be a way for us to work together for the development of our country. Independence is a journey, not a destination !

Tsanta Chichi TTS.

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