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Independence Day – Let’s develop the Malagasy economy together

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Vakio ny lahatsoratra amin’ny teny malagasy amin’ny alalan’ny rohy

Holiday has always been a source of opportunities for everyone:  to earn money, to have fun, or to meet family and many other ideas. During holiday, we make expenses, but for whose benefit? Does our economy profit from these expenditures?

On the occasion of our Independence Day celebration, we buy several toys for the children, we take them to play, we also buy « arendrina » or lanterns. For sure, we spend large sums of money.

The only problem is that even for our independence day which is a celebration of our own, it is the trade of the foreigners that we visit and it is their products we buy.

I would like here to invite everyone. If you have to spend a lot of money on holiday, especially on Independence day, be proud to be Malagasy. Let us buy the local products manufactured by our compatriots.

Diego’s City Hall decorated for the Independence week. cc: Tiasy

Let’s walk with original Malagasy « arendrina« . So, when we’ll sing « Arendrina taratasy o! May! May! May!’ it would be really an « arendrina » made of paper that we will bring, not foreign lanterns. If you say that these « arendrina » lack originality, that’s not true… You can see different models with many colours at the market.

Let’s show our children historical monuments and teach them traditional games as well. Few children currently know how to play « Fanorona » or « Katro« . Others don’t even know what these names mean.

For this holiday, let’s eat typical Malagasy dishes. It would be too nice to see simple, homemade dishes as well as foreign cuisines. I invite everyone to buy turkey; chickens,… and all the products of our dear farmers.

The Malagasy flag.

Know that if you buy local products, you are helping a family with their rents, their weekly expenses,…; and when you buy corporate products from major brands, you are helping a foreign manager to buy a new airplane or to finance his next vacation…

Tsanta Chichi TTS

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