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Let’s make inclusion easier for everyone

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Wherever we are, we can see people who feel out of their place. People who feel pushed aside, teased and neglected in their society. Either these people have difficulties or they are a little different so they are not accepted by society. Today, I will talk on behalf of these people who are marginalized because of their appearance, their race, their beliefs, their standard of living.

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Let’s make inclusion easier for everyone
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We are all human, we are all the same

Many people are depressed because of the mockery of others and can no longer trust themselves. Recently, we have all seen the story of a child who wanted to commit suicide because he couldn’t stand the mockery of his classmates because of his appearance. This story has upset so many Internet users, but why we wait for such situations to finally have empathy. Almost everyone shared and blamed this child’s classmates. But you should know that it is the majority of these « everyone » who make fun of short people, fat people, ugly people, black people, handicapped people, mentally retarded people … in our nation. Don’t you find hypocrisy in that? I do.

So if we had empathy for a stranger we only know virtually, why do we make life difficult for our colleagues? Words hurt, and even if it’s for the purpose of a good joke. Our looks, our race, our thinking should never be discriminated against.

Our looks, our race, our thinking should never be discriminated against.
cc : Pexels

Black, white, standing, wearing crutches, sitting in a wheelchair, autistic, short, obese … no matter what qualifications we give, in the end we are all human. Humans who are going to live in the same society. What’s the point of making difficult the inclusion of others.

« We’re all going to die someday, Snoopy. »

« Yes, but the other days we’re going to live. »

 (Snoopy and Charlie Brown talking)

Let’s develop empathy

I would like to talk particularly about people with disabilities, whether physical or mental. We do not mix with these people in general, and worse, we do not care about their disabilities. But if instead of hurting these people we develop empathy. I’m not talking about pity but about empathy. First of all, we should not be afraid of people with disabilities or avoid them. Secondly, let us have the ability to understand them, to feel their feelings, let us try to put ourselves in their shoes. In the end, we will manage not to avoid them, not to laugh at their mistakes and to want to help them to be included in society. Small acts can save lives and make life in society more beautiful.

Tsanta Chichi

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