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« My teachers told me that I would never succeed », said Tija, manager of Malagastar Prod

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Last updated on janvier 4, 2018

« Tija ». A well-known name in France and in Madagascar. Tija, the CEO of Malagastar Prod, is one of the icon of the malagasy musical industry in the country and abroad. But did you know that this incredible businessman had given up the school at a very young age?

Tija, the story of an ambitious man

tija studio Malagastar Prod
Tija, the Malagastar Prod’s CEO. cc: Tija

Self-confident, visionary, ambitious, Tija, known as « Antoine » by his relative, is the CEO of Malagastar Prod. 27 years old, the young man has already realized the periple an old man could realize in an entire life: an international website, a beauty channel called Malagastar Beauty Expert, a brand of clothing and two artists. Malagasy Prod is also possessing the Malagasy Streel Label, a beauty contest, and many partnerships in France including a « Limousine » society and a recording studio. But to realize its dream, Tija had to face many problems since his childhood. Actually, Tija was an orphan. He was in an orphanage, which took charge of him until his 8 months. Then, a generous french family adopted him and another baby. Passionate of guitar, he started to play at only 8 years old. At school, he was not really the best pupil. His teachers told him that he would « never success ».

« These words strengthen my will to succeed », he said with pride. « But I stopped going to school too early ».

Thus, Tija started to focus on other projects. At only 17, he started to enter the show-business field as a beatmaker. He decided also to sell his instruments to get money, although he already written his own lyrics and wanted to become a singer. He was ready to take the chance when some troubles came in his life in 2009. In 2012, he broke through the show-business as a manager. Thanks to the production of a title with the band « Thé Misy’z« , he started to be known in France. The door is wide opened and after managing a brand called MBMG in reference to his label, his society finally finds his vocation. Then, Malagastar Prod got born. A musical industry who is focusing on promoting the malagasy culture.

« I will promote the malagasy culture as long as I can. How do I do that? The simple fact of promoting an artist just by sharing his or her work, everywhere and on the social networks is already a big contribution. I know many people here in France who really appreciate our cultural wealth, which is unfortunately not enough known ».

Hard work

Like most of the young boys, Tija is a big fanatic of cars. cc: Tija

Tija’s success was not guaranteed. He had to invests efforts, money, and had to sacrifice many things to be at his place today. As he told, his family was not especially rich, and he had to work hard to get all he had won until now. Businessman in his skin, he didn’t focus only on the music field. Now, he’s an investor in the export of local products. The « Black Swan » movie produced in 2013 was also one of the biggest invests he had to do. The team had to work on it for three months with a big budget, to get a respective product from a big production house. A whole team has been affected at Cannes during the shouting. The « Dadabe Noely » is an other big one, with a medium budget. As Tija says it, the distance is one of the big issue he has to face to with his society Malagastar Prod, based here, in Madagascar. Farise is the manager resident of it here. Tija also talked about the difficulty to invest caused by the lack of « mind-opening » in the country. For example, the denigration of people because of his habit to speak French, especially on Facebook. The manager explained that it was because of the presence of his french-speaking followers. Anyway, Tija is a fighter, and he proved it more than once. Now, he’s working on the promotion of a feminine perfume. Once that objective reached, our men will focus on his personal projects, as he told us.








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