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Four journalists affected by plague: the Ministry of Communication in Ambohimiandra

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Last updated on octobre 23, 2017

The Minister in charge of Communication visited journalists suffering from the plague epidemic at Ambohimiandra Hospital, where 4 journalists from various media outlets in the capital are infected with plague.

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 Visit of the Minister of Communication to Ambohimiandra

 The Minister of Communication and Relations with the Institutions visited yesterday Wednesday 18 October 2017 at the Center Hospitalier Anti-Pesteux in Ambohimiandra, where four journalists from various media outlets in the capital are admitted, infection by the virus. Information obtained yesterday from the institution.

“Accompanied with the President of Order of the Journalists in Madagascar (OJM) and the General Director of the Communication, the Minister Harry Laurent RAHAJASON, ancient journalist, has cared about express his support and encouragement to those young journalists, who, has been affected by that epidemic during the report on land that they conduct about that subject. Indeed, those journalists of the heading “Various Facts” have been in direct contact with people in permanence and have been, therefore, regularly exposed to the risks of contamination.
“That shows that the journalism is a risky trade. As « Ray aman-dreny « of all of the actors in the national press, I didn’t hesitate to make the move in this hospital center anti-plague for encourage and supporting our colleague and I see that they’re actually outside of the danger in favor of the efficacy of the treatment.” has affirmed the Minister during that visit. He has too told that the evolution of the health of those journalists suffering from the plague can be just reassuring because it means that, treated in time, that disease can be heal and the journalists will be witness. “I congratulate their courage and their good reflex to have confidence to the recommend treatment by the Government, coming to hospital from the firsts symptoms. They are responsible people, who, not just have taken care of their own self, but especially, have avoided to contaminate other individuals in favor of this action,” he indicated.

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