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Diego 2020 Environmental Festival – A commitment to make Madagascar « the Green island »

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Last updated on février 26, 2020

For the first time, an environmental festival will take place in several tourist sites in Diego. A festival that will bring together people who are committed to protecting the environment. Several activities will be sequencing during only three days.

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Call for environment lovers

The Diego Environmental festival will gather environment lovers. cc : Facebook/Cap Diego Reboisement

Madagascar is one of the countries most exposed to environmental issues such as pollution, degradation of fauna and flora, climate change. Several associations as well as simple citizens, most of whom are young people, are involved in the preservation of biodiversity.

They will meet at the Alliance Française of Diego on March 12 to 14, 2020 for an environmental festival. The 12 and 13 are reserved for associations and NGOs. The 14th is open to the public on Diego.

Aiming to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity, this festival will bring together associations, foundations or even NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization). Everyone is highly solicited to make this vision a reality. Several activities will be planned during these three days. Exhibitions led by associations as well as visits of educational stands particularly dedicated to visitors will be on the programs. 

During the festival, visitors will have the opportunity to meet several associations that will exhibit their activities of the year but also will have the chance to collaborate with them in the years to come. A visit to the Alliance Française de Diego is therefore a must during only three days to learn more about the main activities of these associations.

The edible landscapeto be implanted in several places in Diego

The edible landscape is often adopted by garden lovers and connoisseurs in particular. This time, it will be implanted in urban environments so that all visitors can enjoy the beauty of each plant with their own eyes.

Several associations are going to chain planting projects on March 12 and 13 which will take place in numerous places. The first day, in the village of Cap Diego and in the Baobab Gardens. The second day, in the site of the Valley of the Parrots.

Everyone is working to protect the environment

cc : Facebook/Cap Diego Reboisement

Today’s young people have adopted the new « green » mentality which aspires to a simple and healthy lifestyle while respecting the environment in which they live. Others even choose to create their own business, which also focuses on recycling activities such as « Poti-taratasy creation” or creation from scraps of paper.

The last day of the festival will be held in Diego city. Since the meeting consists of feeding the land with flower nurseries, medicinal plants, shrubs and trees, bringing planting materials on the 12th, 13th, and 14th will be necessary. So everyone is coming to take part in the transformation of the city of Diego.

To attend these various activities, register directly at the Jungle Park office, 26 rue Colbert or on this Facebook event. It should be noted that the number of participants as well as the number and species of nurseries brought back by associations or NGOs must be mentioned.


Translated by Naval Louivà

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