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Ankorondrano – English language lovers invited to the English Language World Festival

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Last updated on août 21, 2019

Two days immersed in the madness (in the good sense of it :D) of the English language are on the program at the Gymnasium Couvert Ankorondrano, this weekend! For amateurs and enthusiasts of the English language, young people or adults, this is the event not to be missed: the English Language World Festival, which will take place on August 24 and 25.

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Organized by the association Unity Madagascar, this event will be an opportunity for amateurs and enthusiasts of the English language to: speak English (yay!), network with other Malagasy who love the English language, discover the opportunities that open up through this language in Madagascar and around the world, but also to have fun and acquire knowledge!

A short interview with Romeo Rajaonah, President of the Unity Madagascar association, who has agreed to give us some of his time for an interview!

English Language World Festival
Romeo Rajaonah, Président de l’association Unity Madagascar cc: Photo fournie

Book News Madagascar : So, Romeo, what is the English Language World Festival? What is the concept? Where did the idea come from?

Romeo Rajaonah: The English Language World Festival is a unique new festival for lovers of the English language in Madagascar. Whether you are a child, a student or an adult, passionate about English culture, this event is for you! The concept is to unite in a single event all English-speaking communities in Madagascar: schools, associations, English clubs, embassies, NGOs and companies with English-speaking projects. Together, they will participate in special events that will delight the general public. It is also a social project that will touch the hearts of all compatriots.

Book News Madagascar : Could you tell us more about the Unity Madagascar?

Romeo Rajaonah: Unity Madagascar is a non-profit association which aims to promote education and development in Madagascar by inspiring young Malagasy people to take action for Madagascar’s development. We also seek to promote linguistic diversity and demonstrate the opportunities that can be opened up through mastery of the English language.

Book News Madagascar : What do you expect from this event?

Romeo Rajaonah: This event is a springboard for young Malagasy people who want to express themselves on positive values such as hope, freedom, prosperity, education and the development of our country. In the long term, we want to have a major impact on millions of people across the country. We invite all the Malagasy people to act together for a common goal: Madagascar will become a strong and prosperous country!

Book News Madagascar : What will be the program during the two days of the event? What will there be there?

Romeo Rajaonah: More than 42 schools, institutes, associations and clubs will participate in the activities and activities planned:

  • Speech contest: what can we do to develop our
  • Spelling bee – English word spelling contest
  • Music Talent Contest – inter-school and
    institute singing competitions: semi-final and grand final on August 25
  • Supreme Street Dance Contest – inter-school and
    institute dance competitions: semi-final and grand final on August 25
  • Conferences on many themes: education,
    leadership, inspiration, entrepreneurship, personal development and many others
  • More than 50 stands of English schools,
    associations and clubs spread over 2,000 m2
  • Recruitment stand for English-speaking positions
  • Information stands for studying abroad
  • Fast Food Court: hamburgers, fries, hot dogs,
    milkshakes etc.
  • Video games PS3-PS4 booths
  • Just Dance 
  • Film on the big screen presented by the American

Book News Madagascar : Thank you very much Romeo. See you soon! 🙂

Romeo Rajaonah: Thank you! 🙂


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