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Disaster Risk Management – Unsatisfactory performance in Madagascar

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Last updated on mai 26, 2022

Like many other countries, Madagascar has shown an unsatisfactory record of managing the risks of natural disasters over the past seven years. This was highlighted during the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, currently being held in Bali, Indonesia.

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Efforts to be made

Bad surprises! This is the summary of the achievement of the objectives of the Sendai framework. Certain objectives should have been achieved by 2020. However, they could not be reached following three factors: climate change, Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine. The first two have greatly affected the Big Island, according to the explanations of Major General Elack Olivier Andriakaja, General Director of the National Office of Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC) and one of the Big Island representatives at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR), which began on 23 May and will end on 28 May in Bali, Indonesia.

« We fear that the targets will not be reached, even by 2030. There has been a lot of impacts on resilience and disaster risk reduction around the world, and we have not been able to escape it,”

said the General director.

Among the targets set for 2020 were: an increase in the number of countries with risk reduction strategies, the full commitment of all States and institutions to reduce the risk of disasters, improving international cooperation with developing countries through adequate means and sustainable support to support them in implementing the framework by 2030.

Fortunately for Madagascar, the first objective was achieved.

“The situation on the planet has become complex at this time, particularly due to climate change but also due to Covid-19. That is why the BNGRC was invited, because we are primarily responsible for implementing the national strategy for disaster risk management,”

continues Major General Elack Olivier Andriakaja.

Two eventful years for Madagascar

To manage disaster risks in Madagascar, actions have been carried out by the Malagasy State, particularly in the last two years, as part of the national strategy and disaster risk management.  It should be remembered that Madagascar has spent two turbulent years since 2020, following the global Covid-19 pandemic, but also the cyclones that have hit the country, as well as the kere and the floods.

Only this year, the country recorded 5 cyclones: Ana, Batirai, Dumako, Emnati, Gombe. The final BNGRC account was 206 dead and 460,150 disaster victims. In terms of managing the Covid-19 crisis, “Madagascar is one of the countries that has managed this overall,” said the Director. Moreover, assistance to families, especially the « Vatsy tsinjo », continues.

risques liés aux catastrophes
A workshop that took place in Toamasina in February 2020. cc: Archive photo

Lack of resilience

Among the topics addressed during this Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction are resilience. Madagascar is still struggling, given the lack of financial and material resources, as well as the lack of infrastructure. However, stakeholders in the sector remain positive. Representatives of the Emergency Prevention and Management Unit (EPMC) have said that the development of more suitable infrastructure is already on its way. On the other hand, new financial resources will be mobilized.


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