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Difficult prevention of the plague season in Madagascar

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Last updated on février 11, 2018

The plague season in Madagascar will not end until April. In the meantime, prevention work will continue with the authorities concerned, including the Ministry of Public Health and the Institut Pasteur in Madagascar. However, the prevention of the season remains difficult on the Big Island.

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Conditions of hygiene favorable to the plague

The plague season in Madagascar begins in September and ends only in April, each year, in Madagascar. The latest epidemic in 2017, which lasted three months on the Big Island, left more than 200 dead and more than 2,300 infected. Preventive work continues thus with the authorities concerned, including the ministry of Public health and the Institut Pasteur of Madagascar (IPM).

The prevention of plague remains very difficult on the Big Island, for hygienic reasons.

« It’s always difficult to prevent this disease because you have to have a garbage hygiene particularly important for the rats do not come, it must in some cases kill fleas, there are also preventive actions by the Ministry of Public Health: The Institut Pasteur, which conducts studies, for example, to see if fleas are resistant to insecticides « , argued Professor André Spiegel, Director of IPM.

It should also be remembered that the conditions of hygiene, transport, and living conditions in general, in large cities, especially Antananarivo, are favorable to the proliferation of all kinds of microbes, bacteria and viruses.

During the plague epidemy, the Cua agents desinfected the bus stations in Antananarivo.
cc:Cua Serasera (archive photos)

Material and financial reasons

So far, the main laboratory for plague research, called « Plague Unit », is located in the Capital. This laboratory devotes research to bacteria, rats and fleas, as well as epidemiology; however, it can not address all prevention needs. Hence a need for material and financial support for the IPM, although it is in close collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health.

The ministry itself can not fight the plague without the material and financial support of partners and donors.


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