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Nearly 575 deaths a year due to abortions in Madagascar

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(1)In Madagascar, as in many African countries, abortion and all things related to sexual health and sexuality in itself, remain taboo subjects. Talking about it is still very difficult and people who dare to talk about it literally break the rules of society, which is very conservative in terms of taboos. And yet, it will break the rules, because abortion has become commonplace on the Big Island, and has become a dangerous and alarming fact of society.

(1) This article is the shortened version of the article by the same author: Tiasy, on Mondoblog RFI. Read the original article on

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Nearly 575 deaths due to abortions

According to a study conducted in public hospitals in the capital, 75,000 illegal abortions are performed every year on the Big Island. Of these 75,000 abortions, nearly 575 deaths are recorded. These figures are underestimated, as these are cases registered with hospitals that women have joined after suffering complications from unsafe abortion (1). And by the way, according to this study, 7.69% of maternal deaths are due to unsafe abortions in the Big Island.[amazon_link asins=’B008QUT9VC,B073TYF4KT,B071RNYMCJ,B01495UKSI’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’booknewsmada7-21′ marketplace=’FR’ link_id=’a85de5d4-12fa-11e8-b182-69f11f693e83′]

Studies by the National Institute of Public and Community Health (INSPC) in 2013 titled « Voluntary interruption of clandestine pregnancies » also showed that 53.5% of young women aged 15-24 in urban areas had at least one abortion for the year 2007, in Madagascar. This is not a special case because about 50% of women in their 40s said they used abortion at least once before the age of 25, we learned recently.

avortements à Madagascar
Solutions should be found for decreasing the number of induced abortions in Madagascar.
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The majority of women who have had abortions did not use contraceptive methods during sexual intercourse, and chose to abort mainly because of social and psychological constraints: fear of the gaze of society, threat from its family or that of the father of the child, a direct threat from the father of the child, religious constraints, fear of an uncertain future …

For more than a year now, unsuccessful abortion cases have been increasing in Madagascar. The more the practice of abortion is prohibited in the Big Island, the more it is incognito. When it’s not a doctor – not necessarily a specialist – who does it, it’s the woman herself who cares for the uterus – yes, it happened! A woman has cleaned her uterus with knitting needles.

Faced with this terrible reality, associations and platforms, particularly feminist, call for the legalization of abortion. But this possibility shakes society, religion and Malagasy culture. […]

Solutions to propose

avortements à madagascar
Mothers raised their voices at the conference-debate at the Librairie Mille Feuilles Behoririka, yesterday.
cc: Tiasy (pour Book News Madagascar)

According to Olivia Rajerison, a lawyer, the law prohibiting abortion must be closely reviewed.

« The law must stick to the realities that exist in the country, » she said yesterday, in Behoririka.

A law that no longer sticks to the realities of society is no longer one. Yes, but are the concerned authorities aware of this?

Solutions can be proposed to decriminalize or simply abort abortion in Madagascar: advocacy, peaceful protest movement, sensitization of girls, young women and women, strengthening and enforcement of sanctions for crimes and offenses affecting life, but also better education and empowerment of everyone. In this empowerment, we must not forget men, be they politicians, men of churches, men of offices or the business world, because men also play a responsibility in procreation.


(1) This article is the shortened version of the article by the same author: Tiasy, on Mondoblog RFI. Read the original article on

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