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Dealing with a bad situation without too much stress is possible

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We’re all having a hard time. No matter how much effort is made to see life in pink, it does not prevent our life from turning out badly.  The current reaction of our body is stress.  We cannot live without stress, but we can always reduce it in two steps.

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First, let’s control what’s in us

Feelings, emotions, values, decisions are part of the attributes.  Attributes that we can control.  Not letting the current situation influence us too much remains the best weapon.  While the situation is often unexpected, it is normal to be surprised.  However, let’s never be frightened to a point where we can no longer control our feelings. If the situation deserves us to be unhappy, then let’s be sad!  but not to be totally depressed or discouraged.  A bad decision that led to failure should not qualify us.  It does not diminish our value at all.  It is always said that a 20,000 Ariary note does not lose its value, even though it is wrinkled.  So why a failure would devalue us?  Do not be afraid to make new decisions because one of your ideas went wrong.  The next decision could be the right one and would make you out of trouble.

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Second, let’s pass what’s out of us

In bad situations, we increase our stress by trying to control those who are out of our control.  The reproaches, the judgments, the opinions as well as the comments of others.  While it is sometimes needed to know the opinion of others, but faced with non-constructive criticism and inappropriate comments, it is necessary to stay away.  The bad judgments of others make us uncomfortable.  However, we cannot stop anyone from saying what he thinks.  So let us not worry, let us not even be affected by their sayings, these words belong to them.  Other people do not appreciate us for our true worth and prefer another to us.  This does not make us small compared to this other person and does not make the latter any more valuable than us.  This choice is out of us and does not concern us, so let’s not make drama for a comment like any other.


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