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Dama: “I and my wife retired from the politics because the society was too much abused!”

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Dama was officially presented as a candidate to the presidential elections by the political party “Valimbabena ho an’ny Madagasikara”, on Saturday, June 30th.

Vakio ny lahatsoratra amin’ny teny malagasy amin’ny alalan’ny rohy

Dama decided to run in the elections

Dama was a representative in the Antananarivo region, in the previous years. He retired from the politics when he saw there were too much gaps, abuse and differences in the society. There is a big struggle to lead to develop Madagascar. Even if he retired, he moved forward with his wife and set up a center of permaculture in the South-Western of Madagascar, in Morondava.

Now, he decided to run for the elections, on the force of people from many regions of Madagascar who sent him requests and petitions, asking him to run in the elections.

“I’m here today because there was a big mass of people who sent me requests and petitions, asking me to do a “valimbabena” with them for our country”, he said in his speech during the official presentation of him as a candidate to the presidential elections, on Saturday June 30th.

The political party “Valimbabena ho an’ny Madagasikara” presented him, attended by his friends from the artistic domain, who were willing to come: Gothlieb, Mami Bastà, Feo Gasy, and other young malagasy talents.

His band mates in Mahaleo were also present and gave him the “tso-drano”(1). As he said, “it’s really important for me to get the “tso-drano” from Mahaleo band, which is my “loharano nipoirana”(2).

“Stop abusing the society!”

For his campaign, Dama is faithful to his philosophy and ideology, that we showed many times in Mahaleo’s lyrics. Politicians are abusing people, using their weaknesses to get and keep the power, he argued.

“We are separated, separated by political parties […] We need to wake up, to give our island what it deserves”, said the candidate.

For Dama, it’s difficult to move forward in inequalities and gaps separating “the governors and the governed, the uptown and the downtown, the people who can read and those who cannot, the hungry people and the non-hungry people”.


Dama has designed his political program as the following:

1-      Management of the sea and its ressources

2-      Management of the earth and its ressources

3-      Management of the “ranomamy” and its ressources

4-      Management of human ressources

5-      Development of the sustanaible energies.

His politic is based on the Fokonolona, to whom the power will be given, and where democracy can take place.

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(1)« tso-drano »: a kind of bliss given by the ancestors, the eldest in the family, the parents, believed to ensure success in the Malagasy culture

(2)« loharano nipoirana« : means literally « where we are coming from », but here means mostly « in which I’ve involved »

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