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Let us face the COVID 19 without too much fear!

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In the last few weeks, many of the routines of our lives have been disrupted. The cause is almost universally known: the “Coronavirus”. To talk about this virus, I prefer to use the technical term COVID-19, because its name perhaps makes it more terrible, and strangely hearing its name scares children.

Currently, everybody is in lockdown normally. Many no longer go to work, others have been forced to walk on foot because they have to keep working. Some of them are stocking up as much as they can, unfortunately others are looking for their bread from day to day and do not have enough money to buy rice in 50kg bags. In the midst of this great change, could we try to act without panicking too much anyway?

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covid-19 à Madagascar
Long queues formed in front of pharmacies the day after the announcement of the arrival of the Covid-19 in Madagascar. cc: Archive photos

Coping without unnecessary debate or panicking

Ever since the first announcement of the COVID-19 case was officially declared, one would have thought that the end of the world had been announced. Everybody is in a panic. It reminds me of what one of my professors said when we talked about this: 

“if COVID-19 arrives in Madagascar, it won’t be the virus that will kill the citizens, but the panic it will generate.” 

That is indeed what has happened in the last few days. In addition to the panic, the announcement was followed by more or less pointless debates. It is always said that regret is no good, so why dwell on the past? it is time to find solutions together and not to look for a culprit for the irreparable unfortunately.

covid19 madagascar
Wearing a mask is one of the protections against the coronavirus epidemic . cc: Pixabay

No miracle cure, just good citizenship and discipline

Although the virus has no miracle cure, the mortality rate is 2% to 7%. What is more, no one has died so far if we talk about our country’s case. We are actually poisoned by imagining the worst and believing misleading information. 

Instead of doing that, why not try to conform to the organizations that could save us all. The best remedy is to stay home, so let us do our best to comply. And for those who have to work day to day to get their daily bread, we ask for permanent solutions for them from the State and their employers. We offer basic necessities for the holidays, but we need them now more than ever. 

Let us do what we have to do to respect the instructions. Let us have a little more discipline and civility, and certainly the lockdown will not last more than 15 days. 

Tsanta Chichi

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