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Covid-19- An opportunity to work on oneself during periods of lockdown

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Given the current situation and the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus, isolation is an obligation. Life has taken a different turn since the beginning of the lockdown periods. For many, this imposed loneliness can be difficult to overcome or live with. How to avoid falling into depression or other negative feelings during this period?

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Awaken the creativity

Gandhi said: « It is easy to stand in a crowd; it takes courage to stand alone. »

This may be a favorite quote from artists who like spending time alone to produce their best work. It’s very valid for everyone, especially in this time of confinement.

periods of lockdown
Lockdown is an opportunity to awake creativity. cc: Pixabay

But how can we awaken the artist in us? Simple, by observing everything around us and writing it down. The writer Joan Didion always had a little notebook with her, and she would write down her observations about people and events that would eventually help her to better understand the complexities and contradictions of her own mind.

« When we record what we see around us, whether scrupulously or not, the common denominator of everything we see is always, brazenly, the implacable ‘I’ «  Didion wrote in her essay On Keepin A Notebook.

Taking care of oneself

Surely, after breaking a certain routine, we feel a little overwhelmed. It is quite normal that we stress a little during periods of lockdown. However, staying in this state for a long time could harm our immune system. As confirmed by Nathalie Rapoport-Hubschman, medical psychotherapist: « Chronic stress diminishes our resources on a strictly immune level. »

For some people who suffered from the constant routine before the spread of the Covid-19 virus, periods of lockdown represent an opportunity to reconnect with themselves. For others, it represents a long period of boredom and anxiety. How can we deal with that issue?

Treat yourself! (Yes!) Every day, take stock of how invaded you are by your limitations. And rebalance the balance by giving yourself a moment of pleasure. Find the thing you love and do it often. And that means organizing yourself well every day.

periods of lockdown
Reading is also a good leisure in these periods of lockdown. cc: Pixabay

We need moments of solitude, simply to allow our minds to wander. So lockdown or not, let’s take advantage of the confinement to stay connected to the inner monologue!


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